Learning about myself & others

This was my last day of the 10 day intervention.

I have learnt a lot from it

  • in the way that I feel that most lies are unnecessary and that people open up more to you if you are honest with them.
  • and who you are most likely to lie to. Statistically the average human will lie 3 times within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone. I found that I lied more to people at university and people that aren’t that close to me personally. Although the bigger lies happen to people you are closes to you. I didn’t find myself having to cover for any proper lies, only small white lies, but I still found that I had to tell the truth and express myself a lot more. Express myself to strangers and tell them what I was feeling which I didn’t like.

It was a good and bad experience. Bad because i didn’t enjoy all the situations I was put in and good because I feel better about myself having done this. It makes you realise how you treat people and how you should be treating people.



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