Caught in the act

Its quite sad. Seeing as I am constantly thinking about deception and truth I have taken these findings as a defence. People lie to you all day. It is so unnecessary. Why cant we all stop lying?

I have been analysing people around me from the body languages that I learnt. Its not as easy as it seems. I think that these gestures are more likely to be shown when it is a bigger lie than: “I’m going to sleep” when all you want to do is go read a book in bed.

I was excited, excited with this new knowledge that I tried to go seek the lies and liars. Then I realised I cant just go asking personal questions that I know a person would lie about. My investigation wasn’t as successful as planned. It did however work on my sister. She was sitting in her room supposed to be studying for exams when I knew she wasn’t. I walked in to ask her if she is studying hard. She avoided eye contact…and scratched her nose. Bam! guilty! What a thrill.


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