Reading the signs

No one wants to be lied to.

I have always been interested in body language and the way people act and do things. Their behaviours. I researched peoples gestures that happen while they are lying and thought I would express these findings.

  • The first sign is if the person changes their head position.
  • Avoid making eye contact.
  • Their breathing changes. This is true, I know if someone has asked me something and I feel like I am going to be caught out I start freaking out which I am 110% sure it increases my breathing rate.
  • Start repeating themselves. This is done because they are constantly evaluating their lie and how you are responding to what they are telling you. It also buys time, giving them more time to think.
  • Their is too much information in the story. I definitely do this. If I did something or went somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to, I will give enough detail to try and make them visualise what happened and make it seem like I was there ( to convince you). which doesn’t make sense that I do this even though I know its a common characteristic of a lie.
  • Touch or fiddle with their face.
  • The person might place an object between you and them, as a sort of defensive barrier.

Theses are a few simple signs, there are many more, is a good website to look at.


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