How far does it go?

Today I was faced with a bit of a problem, I was unsure as to what being honest entailed. Did it mean that I just had to give an honest response and not lie though out the day, or did it mean that I had to voice my thoughts? Technically I can just withhold information without it being a lie, but isn’t that still manipulating the truth? Even if I don’t keep back any information, do I tell the truth by saying what I am thinking irrelevant if it was part of the conversation, if I was even supposed to respond.

I was speaking to a girl friend who happened to be wearing a rather unattractive dress. She was aware of what I was doing for my intervention and our conversation had nothing to do with our dress yet I still felt this urge to tell her that I didn’t like what she was wearing. I kept my thoughts to myself…

Our thoughts are honest but are we being dishonest if we do not share them?


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